Social Media Rules/Conduct Guidelines

Welcome to South West Sydney Mums! We are in love with our community and are dedicated to connecting parents living in the region with jobs, events, local businesses, services and support. The following is a detailed list of the rules for our Facebook Group, Website and business Page. Please familiarise yourself with these.

  1. JOINING: When joining there are three questions you are asked about your location and acknowledging our advertising rules. If these questions aren’t answered, your request to join will be declined. Our Facebook Group is only open to Local Mums to join.
  2. NO ADVERTISING/PROMOTION/MARKETING/SELLING/RESEARCH QUESTIONS FROM MEDIA/COMPETITIONS/GO FUND ME PAGES – and alike: This is not a free advertising space. Advertising is how we earn income. Business, self promotion and sale posts are not permitted eg, events, own blog posts, competitions, advertising, items for sale etc. Admin will post these from time to time only for the businesses that are Listed with us on our website, or as it chooses. If you have a business and would like to list with us, and perhaps even offer a discount for the SWSM community, please take a look at our business directory and advertising options or email to discuss one off advertising or banner advertising options. However, if someone asks a specific question and your business/services are suited to the question, then you may respond with your details.
  3. BUSINESS DIRECTORY MEMBERS: Point 2 also applies to you, however during business hour on Thursdays between 8pm and 9pm you can advertise your business, any sales, events, competitions, blogs you have written. If you are holding any events, these can be added to our Event Calendar on our website so that we may share these on our social media.
    1. SWSM reserves the right to edit, close threads, delete posts or remove members as deemed appropriate, without explanation. PLEASE do not start your post with ‘Admin please delete if not appropriate’ – it will be deleted. Please read the rules before posting or contact Admin first. We don’t always see every post that goes up. Therefore posts that start with this will be deleted even if it meets the requirements as we need to ensure everyone is aware of our rules.
    2. Where photos are of a graphic nature, please post pics in the comments section. We have all seen enough poop and don’t need it on our newsfeed.
    3. If you think your post may be distressing to others, for example if it involves death, you should put the following at the start of your post: “Warning: May be Distressing”.
    4. Always seek medical advice where needed and do not rely on the experiences of others. We have created a list on our website of some Helpful Phone Numbers. This is not an exhaustive list. If there are some you would like to add, please email Helpful Phone Numbers
    5. For more, refer to item 6 GENERAL.
    1. We offer FREE Event listings on our web page . Please add your free/low cost community events to our calendar. Note that we don’t accept events that are essentially business promotion (except for directory members).
    2. We offer FREE Jobs board on our web page
    1. You should refrain from badmouthing businesses. Defamation of a business may be illegal. Please read the following link:
    2. SWSM accepts no responsibility for members (or businesses) posts or responses. You must be very careful from posting any material which may violate copyright/privacy or any other laws.
    3. Do not create Events within the Group. We will Create events only for those that we are involved in.
    4. People who complain about the rules or question publicly why their post has been removed/edited, will be removed from the group.
    5. You must never discriminate or vilify any other person based on their sexual preference, race, ethnicity, religion or political preference. SWSM welcomes all and such posts/comments may see the member removed from the Group.
    6. Don’t spam or personal message people without their permission! If this happens to you, please let Admin know and send us a copy of the screen shot and the person will be removed.
    7. Members may wish to talk about topics relating to sex. Please be discreet and non offensive. There is no need to overshare with graphic detail.
    8. Offensive language is not appropriate in our Group. This means even indirectly, such as using symbols to try and disguise profanity.
    9. Anyone found to be posting anything unlawful, indecent, offensive, defamatory or lewd will be removed from the group.
    10. We feel strongly about making our Website, Group and Business Page a pleasant place for our members to socialise, so when you see a post that is offensive or break the rules please use the “Report Post” button on Facebook or send us an email.
    11. For your safety and the safety of those around you, under no circumstances should you post personal information (yours or others). For example you should never post your address, phone number, work place name, kids full names and anything else that may identifiable.
    12. Anyone who takes stories from the Group and uses it for a publishing elsewhere, such as a blog or other published media, will be removed without notice. This is a private Group and members should be able to openly discuss topics without worry that it will end up as a basis for a story in any form of media. If you would like to ask the group a question to the group for research purposes, check it with Admin first. If we deem it is appropriate, we will post on your behalf.
    13. SWSM reserves the right to alter, amend, delete these rules with immediate effect.
    14. We run a Closed Group on Facebook. That means that people either need to be added by an existing member or they can send through a request to join. Be mindful that while anyone on Facebook can see the Group, only members can see your posts/comments.

If you see any posts that do not adhere to our rules, please tag Admin or Report the Post. Current primary Admin is: Tiffany Estepa. If these rules are breached you will get a 2 week ban or be removed from the group as deemed appropriate by Admin.  If your post is of a sensitive or private nature (eg , mental health concerns, early stages of pregnancy queries) and you would prefer to post anonymously, please message Admin, or send an email to with the subject “Anonymous Post”.