When it comes to my kids, I am very sentimental. I’m always looking at ways to celebrate and commemorate special occasions. Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year and I really want to build on our family traditions. So I asked the wonderful ladies from South West Sydney Mums and some friends, to share with me their traditions, so I could add them to this blog.

  1. Gifts under the Kmart wishing tree. This is one my family does each year. The kids each pick out a gift for a child of their age.
  2. The kids write a letter to Santa. See template here. It is nice when Santa sends a reply. Check out our template HERE.
  3. Family dinner Christmas Eve, followed by carols and midnight mass. Then opening presents- and eating lots of sweets!
  4. Each year one child gets to be Santa for the year and hands out all the presents on Christmas morning – dressed in a Santa suit.
  5. Carrot, cookie and milk left out for Santa and Reindeers.
  6. Each year buy a new Christmas decoration for the tree.
  7. New Pjs Christmas Eve
  8. Select a live Christmas Tree.
  9. Elf on the shelf makes an appearance from 1-24 December. Kids have to find him/her each morning.
  10. Christmas photos with Santa – even big kids and pets.
  11. Visit the Christmas lights on houses at Narellan.
  12. Watch Polar Express on Christmas Eve.
  13. Everyone wears Christmas hats or Reindeer Antler headbands while opening presents.
  14. Presents wrapped in custom paper with childs face on it.
  15. Preparing a Christmas Eve box. New pjs, movie, popcorn in the box.
  16. Visit the city to see the Christmas lights in the shop windows
  17. Christmas Carols in a local park.
  18. Listen to Christmas carols while decorating the tree together, talking about highlights from the year.
  19. Play board games.
  20. Champagne breakfast with neighbours on boxing day.
  21. Making handmade gifts for neighbours and teachers together.
  22. Christmas craft.
  23. Boxing day feast with friends at the beach. Everyone brings a plate of leftovers to share.
  24. Party with friends, including a secret Santa and special guest appearance by Santa.
  25. Make and decorate a gingerbread house together.

We wish you and your family, a wonderful, magical Christmas and New Year.



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