Baby Wearing – how it saved my sanity with 3 kids


It’s BabyWearing Week, so I thought what better time to share my experience with babywearing. How for me, it truly saved my sanity, helped with strengthening the bond with my babies and allowed me to get stuff done!

I’m a mum to 3 young ladies. Baby wearing has been a huge part of our lives. When my eldest was born, she loved to be held in my arms ALL DAY…it was exhausting. As a new mum I didn’t know why she cat napped during the day, or how to stop it. There were days where I would sit on the lounge just holding her for the most part of the day, so that she could get a decent sleep. It started wearing me out a bit to be honest, because I wanted to do more with my days than just sit there holding her, watching her sleep. As cute as she was, mumma had stuff to do, like pee. If I put her down, I never knew how long I had until she would wake, so I rushed (actually more like, ran) around in a panic to get as much done as quickly as possible before she realised she wasn’t in my arms and inevitably cracked it.

Then I discovered baby wearing….hello light bulb moment.

My sweetheart slept AND I could have my hands free to peg the washing, do the dishes, brush my teeth and hair! You know, normal stuff.

Baby wearing brought with it a new found confidence in parenting for me. As she grew, little miss loved being in a ring sling in a front carry. She had the best seat in the house, up high where she could see and touch everything. It really helped us feel connected with each other. I could snuggle into her and kiss her, she could feed. And the extra set of hands to help with the shopping was a bonus!

Then I had twins.

With three princesses under 2, baby wearing was such an important and practical part of our daily routine, helping our bigger (but still little) girl adjust to her new sisters. It gave me free hands to be able to include my toddler in daily activities and to play with her while her sisters were happily sleeping in their wrap.

I have had funny looks from time to time. There has been criticism, but I don’t mind. Parents have been baby wearing for generations, long before prams were invented (not hating on prams, I love my pram too!). There have been times I’ve had one on the front, one on the back and the third, usually cause she’s cracked it over something ridiculous, on my hip. Move over cat ladies, I am sure the neighbours think I’m the crazy baby wearing lady, when they’ve seen this while we are out walking. But we love to snuggle. They are so small for such a short time after all.

I remember being on a plane to Fiji and we were seated at the front. The twins AND their sister cracked it early on in the flight. All eyes were on us. It was a moment of ‘oh crap, what is going to happen here’. So I got out my carriers, whipped the twins in while hubby calmed their sister. People were just blatently staring. Curious, I guess. Probably hoping I’d be able to calm the so they could enjoy their flight. I marched down the aisle of the plane like it was a runway with one twin on the front and one on my back. By the time I got back to my seat, they were both out like a light – which I’m sure pleased the other passengers.

Crisis and potential mummy meltdown, successfully avoided. Phew!

A lot of people think that baby wearing makes kids clingy. For us, that hasn’t been the case. I have found that all of mine are very strong willed and independent. Admittedly one twin, now two, does like to get me to carry just her – so that I don’t carry her sister! But I suspect that is a twin love/hate thing more than anything else, as she’s the more dominate of the two. She hates to share mummy and wants all the cuddles (I’ll enjoy them while I can).

If you are interested in trying out baby wearing. As a first step, it is important to be aware of how to do so safely. The Australian Breastfeeding Association has put together these Safety Tips HERE.

There are many options when it comes to material and style of carriers. Trying before you buy is a great way to find something that you and bub are comfortable with. Local baby wearing meet ups are a great way to pick the brains of experienced baby wearers, and get first hand advice on different baby wearing options.

There is a local group called Macarthur Babywearers  who hold regular meet ups and run a Facebook Group for parents. You can find all there info HERE.

Local mums if you would like to join the South West Sydney Mums Closed – Mums Only, Facebook Group, you can find the details HERE. It is a safe place to chat about the trials and tribulations of being a mum.

For those new to baby wearing – prepare to get addicted!

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