Travelling with kids can be so much fun, but it requires a lot of planning, especially when you are planning a trip to the snow. We’ve put together our top 5 tips for those who are planning a trip to the snow this season:

1. ACCOMMODATION: it’s all about location, location, location.
The big question you need to consider is whether or not you prefer to stay on the ski fields, or somewhere nearby, like Jindabyne (approx 30 minute drive from the ski fields). Staying on the ski fields,  will be pricey, but an amazing experience. An additional benefit if you have young kids is the convenience of the location, the kids can come back to the accommodation for a rest or nap at any time. If  you are budget conscious, staying away from the ski fields will be a more affordable option.  When considering options, check out what entertainment is available in the accommodation. Are there board games, DVD’s, toboggans for example.

If you are wanting to organise ski lessons, it is best to do this as soon as you book your accommodation. Lessons fill up pretty quick. Ski lessons are a great way for kids to learn to ski and meet other kids – and as an extra bonus you’ll get a break or why not book in private lessons for yourself.
3. PACK GROCERIES: and plenty of snacks!
You will need to stop to refuel and recharge during the drive from South West Sydney to your accommodation, but you can still pack some lunch and snacks for the road trip to save some money.  We stopped at Cooma to grab some groceries so that we could cook all our meals in our room.

4. PACK PLENTY OF CLOTHES – and hire ski gear.
Pack plenty of warm clothes including thermal wear and beanies. Hiring ski gear is highly recommended. Kids are likely to outgrown any gear they wear this season by next. You can hire, goggles, gloves, boots, pants, jackets, skis and ski poles. We suggest hiring ski gear from either Jindabyne or a ski resort and picking it up the afternoon before you plan to ski. This will help you to avoid the morning rush to pick up gear.

Ski day has arrived! Pack some sandwiches and snacks in the car or have them ready in your room if staying on the ski slopes. This will save lining up to buy food and save you money. If you are travelling up from Jindabyne, just remember there will be an entry fee into the National Park. Also, be sure to leave spare clothes in the car. It could get pretty horrible if you have a child who is wet, cold and whinging!


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