Like most things in life, good study habits are created with consistency and routine, and there’s no time like the new school year to set yourself on track for a stress-free study regime.

Here is our effortless and easy guide to starting the year on the right study foot.

Set Aside Time

Whether it’s an hour a day in early high school or a couple of hours in senior years, allocating a set time to study each day removes the element of working out when and how you need to get things done.

This practice is best started from the year’s outset even when your homework load is minimal, and initially the allocated time can be spent getting yourself organised for the year ahead.

Small routines established early like sitting down in a familiar space to focus, reading required texts or completing your math’s homework allow you to build habits that will affect your accumulated knowledge throughout the year. They also make getting through the more intensive study tasks that occur later effortless.

Use Your Free Periods

By mid high school students are provided free periods to enable them to complete study tasks. While it’s tempting to spend this time with friends socialising, if used effectively they can set you up for a productive year ahead and ultimately give your more free time outside of school.

Use your “frees” to get acquainted with the library and resources available at school, or just take advantage of the time provided to read through your notes in a quiet space.

Again, these little things add up, accumulating into solid study opportunities and habits across the year.

Make a Study Space

Study is best completed in a quiet, organised and familiar space where distractions are limited, so start the year by setting up your “zone”. It may be a desk in your room, a separate study in your home or a quiet corner of the dining room, but wherever your zone is, it should be away from temptations like computer games or out of earshot of the TV and general household traffic.

Retreat to this area during your set study time to ensure it feels familiar and becomes a space of habit where you get things done.

Be Organised

There’s little point sitting down to only then realise you need rulers, paper or access to a computer, so take the time to get yourself organised with all the things you need.

You can get these items together when initially establishing your zone, or allocate the first five minutes of study time to acquire all the things you need. It might even help to have a checklist on the wall to ensure you have everything you require before you set to work.

Meanwhile, part of being organised is about having a schedule, so write down what you need to get through and mark it off when complete. This running sheet ensures you know exactly what’s due, when, and where your study priorities lie.

Writing tasks down and marking them off also frees up your mind space so you are not constantly working out what tasks to undertake and remembering when they are due.

Reward Yourself

Finally, reward yourself for making a consistent effort. Good study habits aren’t just about putting your head down at every available opportunity. It’s about a healthy life balance of study, exercise, fun and socialising. That means if you’ve completed the hour of revision you allocated, it’s time to recognise the achievement and treat yourself to a little rest and relaxation, and this really will be best enjoyed with the hard work out of the way, in the knowledge you’re on track for a great year ahead.

The Final Tutorial

Once developed, good study practices are effortless. While there may be times when a little more is required, consistency across the year is likely to be more rewarding than intensive cramming at exam or assignment time.

At Chalkwall we’ve assisted thousands of students in creating good study habits. We understand routines are developed over time and that the extra impetus of working with a tutor or in a group study situation can hone your study focus.

For more information about our tutoring and study services, contact Chalkwall here.


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